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Jan 24, 2024


Hippodrome Experts Panel: 2024 Predictions

Finopotamus has assembled a panel of experts in a recurring series, The Hippodrome Experts Panel. Each month, we ask the panel a relevant technology question and share their informative responses.

FIs will automate cash handling in 2024

Oct 5, 2023

HeadQuest Magazine

Banking On Uncertainty

Tired of Managing Your Banking Relationships? Manage Your Cash Instead

Cannabis business owner using cash automation solution to check cash levels

Aug 22, 2023

Cannabis Industry Journal

As Mastercard Exits Cannabis, There’s a Cash Opportunity

Mastercard recently ceased allowing debit card transactions for cannabis dispensaries. While the news certainly took the industry by surprise, there are tools that dispensaries can embrace, like cash automation, that will be crucial for sustainable growth and success.

Credit card

Aug 8, 2023


NCIA Committee Blog: Banking in the Cannabis World

Why then, is it still a challenge for the cannabis industry to access financial services? The short answer: cannabis banking is risky for financial institutions (FIs), and bankers are committed to avoiding unnecessary risk.

Cannabis and cash

Aug 2, 2023

Fintec Buzz

Driving Banking Transformation: Unleashing the Potential of Treasury Services

Explore how innovative treasury services can revolutionize financial institutions, providing unprecedented growth opportunities.

Branch manager discussing cash automation with commercial customer

May 24, 2023

Bank Business News

Building Deeper Commercial Customer Relationships: Unlocking the Power of Treasury Services

For banks, the ability to become trusted advisors to their commercial customers has never been more critical, especially since it is easier than ever for customers to switch banks.

alot of cash

Mar 28, 2023

Fintec Buzz

FinTech Interview with Jeff Hempker, President, at Avivatech

Jeff Hempker, President of Avivatech, shares his vision for the future of technology and how his company is contributing to it.

Fintec Buzz interview with Jeff Hempker

Mar 23, 2023

Bank Director

In the Search for Efficiency, Rethink Cash Management

Even as cash continues to be a vital payment tool, handling it is a headache for banks.

Counting cash in bank branch

Mar 19, 2023

National Cannabis Industry Association

Unleashing the Green Revolution – Empowering Cash Management in the Cannabis Industry with Automated Bliss

Cash automation offers a solid, systemic alternative to the typical cash handling processes.

Manual cash handling processes

Sep 26, 2022

CEO CFO Magazine

Avivatech Helping Banks and Retail Businesses Implement More Efficient Cash and Check Transactions

In this CEO CFO Magazine interview, Jeff Hempker, President of Avivatech, explains how our solutions empower retailers to automate cash and check handling processes.

Bank teller conducting cash transaction

Jul 29, 2022


What to Look for in New Cash and Check Automation Technology

Today’s financial institutions are tasked with providing quality customer experiences across a myriad of banking channels.

Banks struggle to manage cash

Jul 26, 2022


Cash automation: the often-overlooked key to an FI’s success

[T]he challenge for FIs is ensuring their staff can handle and manage cash more efficiently while also focusing on the overall customer experience. Enter: Cash automation...

Cash deposit at a bank teller window
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