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Discover a new path to success with our CashWare suite of solutions to make your check and cash deposits fast and accurate. Managing the cash in your business used to be a time consuming, error prone nuisance but with cash automation in your locations you’ll save time and have faster access to your money with visibility across your enterprise anywhere, anytime. Accelerate your journey to success with Avivatech’s Retail Solutions.

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Why do I need

Cash Automation? 

Save Time

Don't waste anymore time on managing your cash and find the easy solution for your business or financial institution with Avivatech. 

Save Time - Retail Software Solutions- Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

Reduce Costs

With a quick and easy Avivatech cash management solution your business will be on the right track to bigger margins and more opportunities. 

Reduce Costs - Retail Software Solutions- Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

Grow Smarter

With more time to focus on your financial institution of business means that you can organize how to strategically grow with Avivatech Retail and Banking service. 

Grow Smarter - Retail Software Solutions- Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation
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Free Infographic

Check out this quick and easy guide on how cash automation could save your bank or business BIG on operations, labor, and cost. 

Cash Recyclers 101

Cash recyclers are devices that

make cash transactions manageable.

Cuts down on cost, labor, and time needed for cash transactions

Simplifies cash handling for employees, managers, and customers.

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CashWare Suite



CashWare is our flagship product used to support cash recyclers and cash dispensers. Over the years, CashWare has gained popularity and become a favorite among tellers. Many of our sales are to replace other software products bundled with cash recyclers when they were first installed. Today, CashWare is endorsed by manufacturers and core providers to provide customers with a higher level of functionality and ease of use and recommended with new installations.

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User Friendly |  On-Demand Support | POS Software Compatible

CashWare Advisor

CashWare Advisor provides an enterprise dashboard to monitor and manage a customer cash handling network. It is a browser-based application hosted on a customer server and provides any authorized users to have access to the monitoring console. Help Desk tickets can be initiated through Advisor when hardware problems are detected by CashWare and Advisor.

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Fleet Control | Custom Reporting | Total Control 

Frequently asked questions

What is cash automation?

Cash automation is the process of automating your cash environment. Businesses with a considerable flow of cash transactions will benefit from cash automation. Preparing your bank, credit union, store, or venue for cash automation you will need a cash recycler and a middleware application that makes interacting with the cash recycler easy for any of your team memebers. Avivatech offers a Banking Solution and a Retail Solution that provides a foundation of success based on reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and growing success.

Why do I need cash automation for retail?

Cash automation for retail helps aliviate the cost of handling cash. Designating time and resources to organizing cash, tracking cash, and handling cash are unnessecary and could be inflating your cost more than you know. However, with Avivatech's CashWare Retail cash automation software solution you can reduce labor costs, increase ROI of your POS system and devices, and give you more time.

What do I need to get started with cash automation?

There are a few key elements you need in order to be succesful in a cash automation environment. 1. Cash Environment If your business handles a large amount of cash its time to automate. Cash handling can have sneaky hidden costs like draining labor resources, time, and money. If you have too much cash to count then cash automation is for you. 2. Cash Recycler Cash recyclers are vaulted devices that are smart cash drawers that conduct cash commands. Cash recyclers are a great way to keep cash organized but sometimes needs help from cash automation software like CashWare for Retail. 3. CashWare for Retail CashWare is an essential part of any cash automation environment. It keeps your cash recycler efficient while making cash recyclers easier to use. It also maxes out ROI of your POS system and cash recycler.

What can I expect when working with CashWare for retail?

CashWare for Retail is so easy to uses! Designed specifically for team members to be easily trained on. With intuitive commands and all the heavy lifting of cash handling done by the cash recycler, CashWare really keeps your life easier while being easy to use. But just in case you encounter any problems CashWare has a dedicated support team. Our support team is friendly and ready to assist you with anything you might encounter.

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Free Webinar Exclusive

With Avivatech's Free Webinar Exclusive discover how easy it is for your financial institution or business to maximize your ROI with Avivatech's comprehensive solutions in cash automation, check automation, vault services, and professional services.