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 Optimize Retail Cash Management and Check Handling

Is it still a challenge to count and secure all the cash your business brings in? Is check handling taking too much time?


Now there's a way to make your check and cash deposits fast and accurate. 

With cash and check automation in your locations, you’ll save time, have faster access to your money, and gain transaction visibility across your enterprise—from anywhere, at any time.


Accelerate your journey to success with our XpressCash suite of solutions.

Cash Automation from Avivatech


Optimize cash handling processes with speed, accuracy, security and control

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Deposit checks seamlessly every night with an automated Check-21 compliant solution.


Gain complete, anytime anywhere visibility into your retail cash operations.

Efficient Transactions. Total Control.

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What Is Cash Automation?

Cash automation handles cash transactions securely and efficiently with the highest degree of accuracy.


The solution works with cash recyclers and dispensers to keep cashiers, tills and store locations in balance to the cash receipts with full audit and transaction reporting. 

Avivatech offers an end-to-end cash automation solution that works with all the leading retail cash recyclers, cash dispensers, and cash safes.   

How can XpressCash and XpressControl optimize your retail cash environment?


Bring the Benefits of Cash Automation to Your Stores

This infographic highlights the key benefits retail cash automation brings to your business.

Smart Safe vs. Cash Recycler

Smart safes reduce labor, improve accuracy and secure your cash on hand at retail locations.

Cash recyclers extend those advantages with:  

  • Two-way cash flow that enables autonomous till management for cashiers

  • Increased capacity and enhanced security

  • Restricted physical access to secured cash prepared for deposit -- even during CIT

Which one is best for your business?


The Speed of Automation

In human vs. machine cash-counting competitions, the cash recycler wins every time. With a cash recycler driven by our cash automation solution, you can free your managers and cashiers from this mundane task.

​See for yourself how cash automation can change the way your stores work.

Learn How Cash Automation Reduces Operational Costs

This quick business case overview will show you how cash automation reduces labor costs and other expenses.