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Ebook on how to improve retail cash management with cash automation technology

 Start Reducing the Cost of Managing Cash 

Few retailers understand the true costs of manual cash management processes. This free ebook makes it clear.

Why do cash transactions cost significantly more than credit card payments?


Get the answer to that question and more. You'll get an overview of:


  • The seven major ways manual processes impede successful retail cash management

  • What cash automation technology is and how it works to make cash operations more efficient and secure

  • What to look for in a cash automation solution


Ultimately, you'll gain the insights you need to leverage technology to control your cash operations.

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Key Stat

The average retailer spends 9.1% of the value of their cash transactions counting, recounting, auditing and
depositing cash.
Cash automation in retail

Find out how cash automation makes it easier to count, track and secure cash, and gain the visibility you need for more strategic cash planning.

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