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FinTech Interview: Jeff Hempker, President, Avivatech

Fintec Buzz

Jeff Hempker, President, Avivatech

Mar 28, 2023

Jeff Hempker, President of Avivatech, shares his vision for the future of technology and how his company is contributing to it.

Jeff, please tell us a bit about yourself and give us a brief overview of your professional journey.

Having grown up in the 80s, I have vivid memories of the profound impact those early consumer electronics had on my “quality of life.” The personal computer, VCR, and first-generation cellular bag phones were all game changers in their day. Technology innovation and ultimately how technology is used to improve our way of life has always interested me.

My entire 30-year career has been spent in and around financial technologies. More specifically, I am fascinated with how innovation in financial technology has allowed traditional payment methods to remain efficient and relevant throughout the last three decades while the broader modern-day payments ecosystem has expanded into more sophisticated areas.

My life-long interest in technology has led me into an industry that continuously pushed for new innovations in software and hardware technologies: financial services....

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Source: Fintec Buzz

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