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Remote Deposit Capture

Many banks initially managed the procurement, delivery and installation of check scanners and software themselves in the early stages of their Remote Deposit Capture programs. As their RDC program success grew, so did the problems in managing deployments, ensuring compatible software installations occurred and supporting valued clients. 





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Downloadable Infographic

Check out this quick and easy guide on how cash automation could save your bank or business BIG on operations, labor, and cost. 

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RDC Services



 To meet the needs of the fulfillment requirements banks face, Avivatech offers a one-stop online ordering solution for our customers that includes procurement, delivery and installations, an experienced support team and more. Our fulfillment program allows you to focus on the business of banking while we focus on handling all of the details.



Our large inventory of scanners eliminates the need for up-front purchase or any minimum purchase requirements. In most cases, we offer same day shipping. If requested, each scanner is deployed with a customized welcome kit filled with information you require to help your merchants get started. And should a scanner under an advanced warranty need replacing, we’ll get it to your merchants overnight.

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Avivatech Cash Automation In The Branch of Tomorrow

Snag your free white paper with an inside look into how cash automation from Avivatech can transform your branches. Discover how your bank or credit union can bring your branches into the future. 

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Avivatech can assist with support for your entire merchant fleet. Avivatech offers customized help desk support packages designed to meet your institution's unique requirements.



If your bank or credit union is acquiring another or you are changing software providers, you will likely need to convert your RDC clients to the new software.

Our staff is experienced in these conversions since they understand the RDC applications, installing check scanner drivers and the various options that need to be set in browsers to work with different software.

Avivatech has a comprehensive service to fulfill this niche requirement by accommodating clients’ schedules and providing detailed tracking and status reporting.