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Cash Automation Solutions 

Unlock New Potential

Discover the advantage of cash automation for your bank or credit union.

Achieve efficient and more secure cash handling, greater ROI on equipment, optimized customer experiences, better forecasting, and more.  

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Core Compatibility

CashWare® is easy to  implement and works with almost all cash recyclers and teller applications. 

Custom Reporting

CashWare has custom reporting capabilities that keep you in control. 


Our team provides the best possible support experience.

Embrace cash automation for true branch transformation.

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CashWare Suite

CashWare - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation


CashWare is our flagship product used to support cash recyclers and cash dispensers. Over the years, CashWare has gained popularity and become a favorite among tellers. Many of our sales are to replace other software products bundled with cash recyclers when they were first installed. Today, CashWare is endorsed by manufacturers and core providers to provide customers with a higher level of functionality and ease of use and recommended with new installations.

Teller Approved | Pod or Teller Line | On-Demand Support

CashWare Advisor - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

CashWare Advisor®

CashWare Advisor provides an enterprise dashboard to monitor and manage cash operation across branches. It is a browser-based application that can be hosted on a financial institution's server. The solutuion provides any authorized user with access to the monitoring console. 

Back Office Control | Fleet Management | Custom Reporting

CashWare Connect - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

CashWare Connect

Software developers have a variety of options to implement cash handling device support into applications using our direct integration, soft integration or custom integration options.

Back Office Control | Fleet Management | Custom Reporting


Infographic: Branch Transformation Solutions

Check out this quick and easy guide to learn how cash automation can significantly reduce your financial institution's operating and labor costs.

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