Cash Automation Banking Software

Cash Automation is easy when collaborating with Avivatech. The suite of CashWare products delivers a more impactful way for your bank or credit union to transform your cash environment with cash automation. Maximize ROI, optimize customer experience, and minimize gaps in forecasting with the power of CashWare.  

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Cash Automation For Banking Made Simple

Avivatech Cash Automation In The Branch of Tomorrow

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Core Compatibility

CashWare is compatible with almost all cash recyclers and teller application. With interfacing or integration options for all almost all leading core providers keep CashWare easy to implement in your cash environment. 

Custom Reporting

CashWare has custom reporting capabilities that will help your bank or credit union gain a strategic advantage for forecasting. Custom reporting through Avivatech's CashWare lets you take control. 



With more time to focus on your financial institution of business means that you can organize how to strategically grow with Avivatech Retail and Banking service. 

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CashWare Suite

CashWare - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation


CashWare is our flagship product used to support cash recyclers and cash dispensers. Over the years, CashWare has gained popularity and become a favorite among tellers. Many of our sales are to replace other software products bundled with cash recyclers when they were first installed. Today, CashWare is endorsed by manufacturers and core providers to provide customers with a higher level of functionality and ease of use and recommended with new installations.

Teller Approved | Pod or Teller Line | On-Demand Support

CashWare Advisor - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

CashWare Advisor

CashWare Advisor provides an enterprise dashboard to monitor and manage a customer cash handling network. It is a browser-based application hosted on a customer server and provides any authorized users to have access to the monitoring console. Help Desk tickets can be initiated through Advisor when hardware problems are detected by CashWare and Advisor.

Back Office Control | Fleet Management | Custom Reporting

CashWare Connect - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

CashWare Connect

Software developers have a variety of options to implement cash handling device support into applications using our direct integration, soft integration or custom integration options.

Back Office Control | Fleet Management | Custom Reporting

CashLink - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation


First developed at the request of a customer, CashLink provides integration between a currency counter and a teller application. 

Currency Counter Automation | Improved Accuracy

CashWare SST - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation

CashWare SST

CashWare SST is Benchmark’s answer to the digitally enabled customer. With CashWare SST, banking transactions have been extended to a kiosk hardware platform and optimized to complete the most common teller transactions.

Customer Independence | Teller Automation

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Downloadable Infographic

Check out this quick and easy guide on how cash automation could save your bank or business BIG on operations, labor, and cost. 

Frequently asked questions

What is cash automation for banking?

Cash automation is the process of automating your cash environment. Businesses with a considerable flow of cash transactions will benefit from cash automation. Preparing your bank, credit union, store, or venue for cash automation you will need a cash recycler and a middleware application that makes interacting with the cash recycler easy for any of your team memebers. Avivatech offers a Banking Solution and a Retail Solution that provides a foundation of success based on reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and growing success.

What is CashWare for banking?

CashWare is a middleware application that makes your cash recycler easier to use and easier to manage. CashWare is Avivatech's Banking Software Solution, perfect for any size bank or credit union. CashWare utilizes a soft integration method to help the cash recycler talk to your core teller application. The soft integration of CashWare provides a reliable, easy to use, highly functional solution to implement and manage your cash handling devices. Tellers are guided through cash-in/out sessions and in most cases, any hardware error messages are replaced with informative messages relevant to tellers to save time and credibility while serving a customer. CashWare will take a teller and cash recycler solution and make it more efficient and user friendly.

What can I expect when using CashWare for banking?

CashWare has been teller perferred for years! Incredibly easy to use! CashWare was designed with tellers in mind. This means that CashWare has minimal training, easy support, and truly makes transactions simple and fast. If your bank or credit union prioritizes the customer experience CashWare is the perfect fit.

How do I use CashWare to maximize my ROI?

Avivatech's CashWare helps in operations, forecasting, and labor. With CashWare your bank or credit union can improve transaction speed and boost teller productivity. With CashWare's built in support you will never have to overwhelm your IT department. Bump up teller cash recycler ROI by optimizing it for the most efficient results.