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Control Cash Cash Operations

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Empower your team with relevant operational data 

The CashWare Advisor dashboard lets your team take command of cash operations.  The solution gathers data from the CashWare cash automation solution to empower key personnel with real-time, actionable intelligence on all the cash in your network.


Your team will be able to:

  • Respond to security risks as they occur

  • Assess performance metrics at a glance

  • Gain insights for better cash planning

  • Identify trends using reporting tools with powerful drill-down capabilities

Plus, your key personnel can tap into this browser-based dashboard from anywhere to stay informed of changes in your cash environment. 


See the CashWare Advisor dashboard in action. 

CashWare Advisor is the management layer you need to take your transaction automation solutions to the next level. 

Dashboard views keep branch managers and teller supervisors informed of associate performance and device status. They'll have quick access to data that will enable them to:

  • See total cash inventory by denomination

  • Be alerted when cash recyclers' denomination inventories are too high or too low

  • Identify users that haven’t cleared their end of day totals

  • Discover which devices are in an offline status

Find out if CashWare Advisor is right for your organization.

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What's the ROI on Cash Automation?

Learn how cash automation can significantly reduce your financial institution's operating and labor costs. 

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