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Next-Level Retail Cash Management
Starts With the XpressCash Solution

Bring state-of-the-art retail cash management to your store. The XpressCash solution boosts the performance of cash recyclers, creating an end-to-end cash automation solution that optimizes cash handling processes with speed, accuracy, security and control.  

When you consider that the average retailer spends 9.1% of the value of their cash transactions counting, recounting, auditing and depositing cash, an investment in XpressCash makes sense. Ready to get started?



XpressCash cash automation solution

Cash automation that drives success

Why waste time and labor counting cash you already earned? This integrated solution balances cash to the POS, freeing your valuable personnel to spend time serving customers, stocking merchandise, planning events, or pursuing other strategic activities. 


XpressCash automates cashier transactions in real-time to quickly count, validate, verify and balance cash — so managers no longer have to verify cashier counts.

Cost savings

XpressCash maintains specific totals and denomination mixes to reduce the frequency of  bank deposits and change orders, lowering cash in transit (CIT) costs

Ease of Use

The solution's user-friendly interface guides users through cash operations. Plus, Avivatech offers comprehensive training and support to keep your system up and running.


XpressCash mitigates risk by securing cash on hand, eliminating counterfeits, reducing cash shrinkage, enforcing cash-handling processes, and creating a culture of accountability.

Want to learn more about the XpressCash cash automation solution?

How XpressCash Works

XpressCash makes cash handling easy. The solution integrates into your retail environment, keeping cashiers, tills and store locations in balance to the expected cash sales. The solution includes full audit and transaction reporting.

Empowering Cashiers

With today's labor shortage, it's essential to retain the employees you do have while keeping them engaged in revenue-generating activities. XpressCash eliminates the tedious process of counting and recounting cash. As a result, your cashiers have more time to get down to the business of retail.   


Beginning of the Day

Cashiers sign on to XpressCash, and the predefined start funds for their till are dispensed. No need for supervision. The recycler validates and logs the counts.

Store Clerk and Customer with Smile

During the Day

XpressCash prompts the cashier for buying, selling or exchanging cash for their till and balancing to point of sale receipts. As a result, the cashier gains efficiencies in managing their draw throughout the day.


End of Day

The cashier views their transaction totals. The Balance function provides accountability for each cashier's balance to their daily receipts. 

Empowering the Back Office

With XpressCash, your back office gains new capabilities, giving you the peace of mind that processes are being followed, change orders and deposits are cost-effective and efficient, and that your cash is accurately counted and secured. 

Less time for counting cash

  • Automated till start funds

  • Automated end-of-shift balancing

  • Automated deposit prep

Greater accuracy and security

  • Systemic verification of cash

  • POS Balancing by Cashier or Till/Lane to reduce shrinkage of cash revenue

  • Full audit trail of every transaction by user, date, amount   

Cash visibility for greater agility

  • Anywhere, anytime insights for cash planning and assessing cash on hand, process efficiency and device functionality

  • The ability to obtain provisional credit from financial institutions

Discover how XpressCash can transform your retail operations. See the solution in action!

XpressCash works seamlessly with the leading retail cash recyclers to provide maximum efficiency, security and control.

4 Ways Cash Automation Reduces Costs

Evaluate the ROI of Cash Automation

The XpressCash solution empowers retailers to tackle all the costs of managing cash.

  • labor and time

  • bank cash deposit fees

  • Cash-in-transit (CIT) expenses 

Gain insight to understand the true costs of manual cash management processes.

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Take Advantage of Retail Cash Automation

This easy-to-grasp, shareable infographic maps out the benefits of cash automation. Download it today so you can start planning for greater efficiency and control in your retail cash operations.

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