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Accelerate transactions by autocorrecting MICR data fields 

Manually keying in MICR data is costly and time consuming. With some inclearing files having exception rates as high as 1% to 1.2%, financial institutions and lockbox providers face an operational challenge that must be addressed:

Lack of control over transactions icon

Lack of transaction

Incorrect data slows check processing time

Downturn in morale icon

Low morale among administrative staff

Too much manual keying can lower employee engagement.

Wasted time icon

Wasted time & labor

Manual processes take resources away from more strategic tasks

The autoMICR Solution

How It Works

No changes are needed to your existing workflow and technology infrastructure. autoMICR leverages a sort-pattern-based targeting process to:

  • Evaluate MICR data on inbound X9 or other files for accuracy and completeness, targeting (1) missing account, serial or check numbers and (2) Digit errors in the account, serial or check number fields

  • Reread and evaluate the MICR line with an advanced AI-based OCR engine to optically and instantly correct errors and fill in missing fields with the appropriate data

Average reduction in need to enter MICR data

Discover how the autoMICR application can increase the efficiency of your check processing operations? 


Unleash the power of the autoMICR solution.

  • Make check processing more efficient.

  • Avoid business slowdowns.

  • Unburden personnel from tedious data entry.

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