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Improve Retail Cash Handling With End-to-End Cash Visibility Across All Locations 

Store managers, general managers and key back-office personnel need more insight into retail cash operations.

With the XpressControl solution, they can always keep an eye on the cash.


The XpressControl application works in tandem with the XpressCash cash automation solution to give your team the intelligence they need to improve cash operations.



Take retail cash management to the next level. Whether you have one location or a large footprint spanning multiple states and markets, XpressControl is the only tool that gives a full view of the cash in your network.

A modern, intuitive dashboard for better retail cash handling

XpressControl offers a browser-based dashboard that gives key personnel up-to-the minute intelligence they need for cash planning, process compliance, device monitoring, trend analysis and more. The result? Efficient cash operations throughout your stores.

Intuitive, Customizable Dashboards

  • Informative views of all transactions by location, user, till, device, date and time

  • Easy to read charts and reports that highlight KPIs

  • Powerful search and drill-down capabilities

  • The ability to provision user access across an enterprise, by region or by location

Real-time Device Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of device performance

  • Automatic alerts that keep you informed

  • Alerts for over or under predefined cash limits by denomination 

Cash visibility for greater agility and higher performance

  • Reduce cash shrinkage

  • Plan change orders

  • Optimize cash-in-transit (CIT) expenses

  • Ensure process adherence

  • Consolidate banking relationships

Find out what an intelligent dashboard can do for your retail cash handling. See XpressControl in action!

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Take Advantage of Retail Cash Automation

This easy-to-grasp, shareable infographic maps out the benefits of cash automation. Download it today so you can start planning for greater efficiency and control in your retail cash operations.

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