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Facilitate fast and easy Check 21-compliant deposits with the XpressScan solution

XpressScan makes check deposits easy! Avivatech delivers a streamlined, end-to-end check deposit solution designed especially for shared control in multiple-user situations. It’s ideal for delivery drivers and field technicians, stores with multiple cashiers, or any other business that might have several employees turning in deposits at the end of a shift.

What Is XpressScan?

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Efficient Transactions. Total Control.


The XpressScan platform is designed for easy tie-in with smart safes and cash recyclers. Your existing system can keep handling both cash and checks – but now the checks will be deposited electronically!


Best of all, XpressScan makes use of trusted, proven “off the shelf” parts to make the system as easy as possible to set up and use.


XpressScan doesn't just take pictures of your checks — it takes care of the whole deposit process, from end-to-end.


Check Automation Process

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Check Payment


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Check Deposited

XpressScan takes care of the whole deposit process. That means:

  • Converting checks into legally compliant images

  • Doing image quality analysis and cleanup

  • Creating a bank-specific X9.37 file

  • Securely transmitting the file to your financial institution


It’s a simple but effective “deposit lite” program that gets the processing out of the way, so you can focus on the day-to-day.

XpressScan contains all the standard safeguards you’d expect in a check deposit application, including:

  • Image Quality Analysis (IQA)

  • Duplicate detection

  • MICR verification and editing

  • Image disposition


A final balancing summary with each deposit checks for mistakes and prompts the operator to make any necessary corrections.

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