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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cash automation?

Cash automation is the process of automating your cash environment. Businesses with a considerable flow of cash transactions will benefit from cash automation. Preparing your bank, credit union, store, or venue for cash automation you will need a cash recycler and a middleware application that makes interacting with the cash recycler easy for any of your team memebers. Avivatech offers a Banking Solution and a Retail Solution that provides a foundation of success based on reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and growing success.

What is CashWare?

CashWare is a middleware application that makes your cash recycler easier to use and easier to manage. CashWare is Avivatech's Banking Software Solution, perfect for any size bank or credit union. CashWare utilizes a soft integration method to help the cash recycler talk to your core teller application. The soft integration of CashWare provides a reliable, easy to use, highly functional solution to implement and manage your cash handling devices. Tellers are guided through cash-in/out sessions and in most cases, any hardware error messages are replaced with informative messages relevant to tellers to save time and credibility while serving a customer. CashWare will take a teller and cash recycler solution and make it more efficient and user friendly.

Is CashWare easy to use?

CashWare has been teller perferred for years! Incredibly easy to use! CashWare was designed with tellers in mind. This means that CashWare has minimal training, easy support, and truly makes transactions simple and fast. If your bank or credit union prioritizes the customer experience CashWare is the perfect fit.

What is the difference between Retail and Banking automation?

The only real difference is the business. Avivatech's Retail Solution and Banking Solution are almost identical but differ becasue the needs of each industry differ. Banking solutions require interfacing or integrating with core software while Retail Solutions connect with POS software. There are also unique commands for both solutions that streamline the needs of your business. Both Retail and Banking Solutions do one thing: make transactions easier so you have time to focus on growing your success.

What is Cash Automation?

Cash Automation all in one easy infographic. Check it out!