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CashWare: Cash Automation Technology for Teller Cash Recyclers

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Elevate Cash Management. Boost Teller Productivity.

CashWare® provides banks and credit unions with an intuitive cash automation solution that boosts the performance of teller cash recyclers.

Finally there's a cash automation solution that connects all your cash recyclers and cash dispensers while boosting teller productivity.

CashWare integrates your core teller application with teller cash recyclers and dispensers across your cash environment. The result? Greater efficiency, security and control.

Core Compatibility

Easy to  implement and works with almost all teller cash recyclers and teller applications. 

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Optimized Teller Workflows

Intuitively integrates into teller workflow, making every cash transaction quick, secure and accurate.  

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting capabilities that keep you in control. 


Our team provides the best possible support experience.

Embrace cash automation for true branch transformation.

Streamline Teller Cash Handling

CashWare helps tellers thrive by automating  66% of transactions.  That gives them more time to efficiently serve customers. Here's how it works.

Start of Day

Bank teller using CashWare cash automation software

Branch staff sign on to your teller application and CashWare.

Tellers are then ready to use any recycler or cash dispenser in your branch -- and they can expect a consistent, intuitive experience for every transaction.

How CashWare empowers tellers

Unify Cash Operations With a Hardware Agnostic Solution

Gain greater control over your branch's cash operations and devices.

With CashWare, your multi-vendor branch environment is no longer an obstacle to cash automation.


CashWare drives all your cash recyclers and dispensers, giving tellers the flexibility and agility to seamlessly access any device as they serve your customers.

CashWare cash automation software and a cash recycler

Discover how cash automation can transform your branch.

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What's the ROI on Cash Automation?

Learn how cash automation can significantly reduce your financial institution's operating and labor costs. 

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