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Maintain lockbox capture operations 

Are you looking for a solution to replace your legacy item capture transport, which may have been discontinued by the manufacturer or is reaching the end of its support contract?

Where can you find a solution with the reliable high-volume capture and sorting capabilities your aging system once delivered with ease?


Legacy transport equipment
QDS capture from Avivatech
QDS Capture solution with Quantum DS Reader/Sorter

Introducing the QDS Capture solution — your next lockbox capture system 

The QDS Capture solution works with the Quantum DS Reader/Sorter from Digital Check, the only multi-pocket transport system currently on the market.


Together, they offer the affordable, flexible capture platform you need to seamlessly  maintain the continuity of your existing lockbox processing services.

Keep your current lockbox operations up and running

Financial institutions and third-party lockbox providers must plan for the future. Consumers write checks approximately three times per month, while 81% of companies continue to use checks for B2B payments. As payment preferences change at an uneven pace, you need a solution that can scale up or down with your check volumes.

The QDS Capture solution works with the Quantum DS Reader Sorter to meet your requirements. The solution: 1. Drives both wholesale and retail payment streams 2. Supports various work types: mixed, coupon only, check only 3. Processes multiple banks and multiple lockbox IDs 4. Efficiently handles designated business date capture processing 5. Enables transport monitoring and management during capture processing 6. Captures file creation and transmission to lockbox processor

Lockbox services with Quantum DS

Ensure process continuity for lockbox services

Avoid business risk. Gain flexibility. The QDS Capture solution works with the only multi-pocket reader/sort on the market to fully maintain your lockbox payment capture services. 

QDS Capture helps lockbox providers maintain services
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