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Automate cash
and check handling for efficient transactions and total control.

Cash and check automation solutions from Avivatech LLC boost productivity and efficiency and keep your money and personnel secure. 

counting cash by hand
end-to-end cash automation solutions

Start your cash automation or check automation journey the right way!

Discover how easy cash management is when using CashWare® for Banking or XpressCash™ for Retail. Improve operations, save time, reduce costs, boost ROI on cash recyclers and dispensers and smart safes, and stay informed with custom reporting.    



Unlock the true value of cash recyclers. CashWare from Avivatech is a comprehensive platform for managing cash. It offers a universal interface for nearly every make and model of cash recycler, as well as in-depth reporting and auditing, and workflow customization. 



Now there's a better way to deal with cash in your business. With our retail cash automation solutions, you can streamline cash transactions to save time and labor. Check out how strategic cash handling can save you money. 



Pursure growth inititatives with confidence. With our guidance and expertise, you can transform processes to deliver better customer experiences and drive profitability and success in your organization.

Cash Recyclers

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We work with the leading manufacturers to bring advanced cash and check automation solutions to retailers and financial institutions. 

Leading cash recyclers

Customer Success


regional bank

SouthState Bank

Winter Haven, FL


“What stands out about this RDC conversion project is that it was uneventful. There were no issues. ... So, I would say that would be the biggest compliment – that it was uneventful.”


Melissa Spatafora 

Treasury Management Support 

Implementation Manager

SouthState Bank

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