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Start your cash automation or check automation journey the right way!

Discover how easy cash management becomes when using CashWare for Banking or XpressCash for Retail. Improve operations, save time, reduce costs, and stay informed with custom reporting.     

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Banking Solutions - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation


In branch settings, cash automation unlocks the true value of cash recyclers. CashWare from Avivatech is a comprehensive platform for managing cash. It offers a universal interface for nearly every make and model of cash recycler, as well as full feature support, in-depth reporting and auditing, and workflow customization. 

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Retail Solutions - Avivatech - Cash Automation and Check Automation


Now there's a better way to deal with cash in your business. With Avivatech's retail cash automation solutions, you can streamline cash transactions to save time and labor. Check out how strategic cash handling can save you money. 

Cash Automation

 30% of employees say automation software saves their business money.
44% disclose automation saves them time. 

Cash Recyclers

Max Out ROI With Avivatech


Cash recyclers keep tellers and customers happy. Cash recyclers centralize your cash environment. Combining the power of the cash recycler and Avivatech's banking cash automation software, CashWare, your bank or credit union can maximize ROI on your cash environment.  


Cash recyclers are vaulted machines that make cash handling easy for business owners, employees, and customers. Maximizing the capabilities of your cash recycler is what Avivatech does best. Avivatech's cash automation solution maintains efficient transactions and gives you total control. 


When people gather to have a good time, they don't want to wait on slow transactions. Cash recyclers help centralize your cash handling, and Avivatech’s solutions optimize your ROI with simple, easy cash automation.  

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Downloadable Infographic

These easy-to-read infographics can help you understand the efficiencies cash automation brings to banks, credit unions, retailers, and other cash-heavy enterprises. Download them today to discover how these solutions streamline operations and reduce labor and other costs. 

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