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From Start-Up to Growth Mode: Avivatech’s First Year

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

This is a proud moment for Avivatech. We’re celebrating our first anniversary, marking a successful year of driving efficient transactions with total control.

At Avivatech, we’re all about growth and innovation: how we can help our customers thrive, how we can scale operationally to support more financial institutions and stores, and how we can bring transformative transaction efficiencies to the financial, retail and cannabis industries.

Starting this company was an opportunity to apply technology to optimize cash and check handling in both banking and retail environments. We saw ourselves in a unique position to leverage the software businesses of Benchmark Technology Group and Digital Check to create a new company that would address a challenge banks and retailers face: the high cost of managing cash and checks.

Today, most banks process checks and cash separately, while many retail locations and enterprises are continuing to manage cash transactions with manual counting.

Since launching in 2021, Avivatech has transformed how retail organizations and financial institutions manage cash and checks, eliminating human error, improving security, and saving time while reducing costs and facilitating decision making with powerful dashboards.

With one year of unparalleled success in automating cash and check transaction workflows under our belts, we decided to pause and reflect on the milestones our company has achieved.

New Customers

As more retail organizations and financial institutions choose our automation solutions, we have grown our customer base for our CashWare® solution by 400 licenses in more than 200 branches. We also made inroads into municipalities with a customer who is leveraging our CashWare® software to manage tax payments that are made in cash. Our XpressCash solution is making an impact in the cannabis industry, where you’ll find the most cash-intensive businesses in the retail space.

A Growing Team

As we climb to new heights for the good of our customers, we’re focused on having the right talent in place and a solid company culture. Many of the more than 40 team members have been involved with managing software and hardware conversions for more than 500 client locations in both banking and retail.

In addition to technology experts, we built out our marketing and product teams and added a dedicated channel partner manager to help evangelize the value of cash and check automation throughout the markets we serve.

We are fortunate to attract and retain talented professionals who work collaboratively and embrace our vision.

Technology Innovations

Our clients’ needs are evolving, and we are committed to serving them with leading-edge solutions. In both banking and retail, labor is in short supply. Due to the ongoing workforce challenges, it’s more important than ever that these organizations automate labor-intensive processes and redeploy team members to more strategic activities where they can make a difference.

At Avivatech, we understand how difficult labor challenges can be for transaction-intensive businesses. For example, a retailer may feel the burden of being short staffed at the point of sale or in the back office, where cash is counted, balanced and prepared for deposit. Until now, retailers needed a lot of people to perform these tasks.

With our latest innovations, we’re eliminating manual processes to streamline cash and check operations and make management reporting and insights easy. Here are a few of our recent product releases:

  • The XpressCash cash automation solution is engineered to reduce the cost of retail cash transactions. This is achieved by accelerating and improving the accuracy of cash handling processes, while minimizing human involvement and increasing security and accountability with retail-focused features including a quick balance-to-POS receipts feature along with the ability to dispense and track cash payments and automated secure deposit preparation.

  • The XpressControl web-based enterprise dashboard solution empowers retailers’ key personnel with the real-time actionable insights they need to monitor and manage their entire cash-handling network across all locations and devices.

  • The QDSCapture utility capture program for the Digital Check Quantum DS Transport supports Wholesale and Retail Lockbox capture work with multi-pocket sorting capabilities for a low cost, efficient solution in low and mid-volume operations.

Looking Ahead

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the economy, our team has accomplished a great deal in just one year. Entering several new verticals with our solutions and service offerings to further support our customers needs, Avivatech has emerged as the new leader in innovative cash and check automation solutions.

We are proud of what we were able to accomplish, and want to thank our customers and employees who helped us get here. With our commitment to providing organizations the tools they need to seamlessly and efficiently automate their paper transactions, we look forward to more success in the future.

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