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Welcome To the Avivatech Advantage


Welcome to the Avivatech Advantage! I appreciate you exploring our site and hope you find the information informative and useful. We welcome your feedback and are excited to learn how we can be of value. We realize you have more important things to do than worry about managing cash and check transactions for your business, so our purpose is to simplify your life by making these critical business functions as frictionless as possible for your customers and employees.

Who is Avivatech?

Yes, the Avivatech brand is something new! We were founded through the merging of two existing software businesses that have one very important trait in common – the automation of financial transactions! Specifically, financial transactions that involve cash and checks. The Avivatech name may be fresh, but what it comprises is tried and true and anything but new! It’s also noteworthy to share we are a subsidiary of Digital Check Corporation, a financially strong and privately owned technology business that has been around since 1959 (

Created through a collaborative diversification initiative between Digital Check and Benchmark Technology Group following Digital Check’s acquisition of Benchmark in early 2021, Avivatech’s product lineup combines Benchmark’s award-winning CashWare® suite and professional services with Digital Check’s Vault and XpressScan check processing solutions. This alignment of technologies and services positions Avivatech well to deliver the transaction automation software needs banks and retail businesses are seeking to gain efficiencies and take total control of their cash and check financial transactions.

Why do we exist?

In an online, real-time, time starved world, using cash and check shouldn’t be a hassle. Let’s face it; customers are demanding as ever and their available payment options seem never ending. There is no shortage of shiny bright objects in the payments universe, but adoption takes time and old habits die hard! Therefore, being able to handle all types of payments efficiently and with total control is important to your business operations. That’s where we come in and why we believe anyone who handles cash or checks can benefit from Avivatech’s solutions.

How can we help?

Please do not hesitate to engage us for a no-hassle assessment of your cash and check transaction workflows. We’re ready and willing to help put more simplicity back into your life!

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