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Bringing Efficiency and Accuracy into Check/Cash Handling

Updated: Apr 12

This recent CIO Review article provides an overview of Digital Check, our parent company, and how we're working together to optimize cash and check transactions and pave the way toward the future of banking.

It all started in 1959 when a paper broker named Tom Anderson Sr. saw the way companies were storing important data on microfilm, and thought he had a better idea. Soon after, he started his company, Microseal Corporation, to develop solutions that added security to analog images, microfilm, and microfiche, which were predominantly leveraged by organizations to archive information. And as technology evolution continued and entered the digital era, the company partnered with California-based electronics manufacturer, Data Conversion, Inc. to augment their innovation prowess and transform into the company that it is today, with a renewed identity – Digital Check. Today, Digital Check has become highly respected brand in the market, thanks to its demonstrated history in the domain. The company offers innovative digital check imaging solutions that can electronically capture data and convert source documents into digital formats.

"Our focus has always been to bring simplicity into check handling, allowing clients to essentially automate, digitalize, verify, and report the transactions more seamlessly and accurately,” mentions Jeff Hempker, president of Digital Check....

“Through Avivatech, one of our major aims is to transform the existing cash and

check automation space by integrating both the workflows through one comprehensive

solution,” says Jack Malinowski, president of Benchmark Technology Group and CTO of Avivatech.

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