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Why Your Remote Deposit Capture Program Needs an Upgrade

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) programs have been experiencing a surge in popularity. Banks and credit unions are having to upgrade RDC programs to accommodate demand increases. Upgrades are a necessary part of keeping your RDC program organized and prosperous. Your bank or credit union will have a better way to organize and control RDC programs while end-users feel supported with upgrades from Avivatech. Your IT no longer has to provide additional support RDC program. With an upgrade utilize Help Desk to alleviate your IT department. These simple upgrades brought to you by Avivatech will empower both your financial institution and your end-users.

RDC Program Moving Parts

One of the most challenging parts of an RDC program is staying organized. From procuring devices, shipping, tracking, and even user personal information each element of an RDC program must be managed. Find an easy way to navigate these RDC moving parts. TraxIT, Avivatech's online fulfillment system, is the perfect upgrade for organizing your RDC program. TraxIT allows you and your team to place equipment orders in minutes providing you with more time to focus on your business banking needs. Items can be added or removed from your catalog at your discretion and can include check scanners, consumables, extended warranties, and more. TraxIT goes above and beyond just online fulfillment with reporting capabilities and built-in service requests. TraxIT is the upgrade your RDC program needs for the path to success.

End-User Satisfaction

RDC program users may not be directly in your bank or credit union but still deserve the same great customer service. Some users may be overwhelmed with new technology associated with financial devices. Navigating check scanners or other financial hardware and software can exacerbate users and leave them feeling frustrated. With your IT department already busy, let Avivatech support your end-users with Help Desk. Help Desk is Avivatech’s premiere services with friendly and knowledgeable tech waiting and ready to help. Your users will never feel overlooked or alone while encountering an issue. Avivatech puts the customer experience first. Your end-users will only engage with techs who are polite, experienced, and clear communicators. Users not only will have resolved their issue with the tech’s advice, but they will feel taken care of. End-users will completely satisfied with their customer experience and will have your bank or credit union to thank.

Alleviate your IT Department

With your IT department already handling the daily support calls, attending to RDC program users can be overwhelming. This can result in unhappy customers and a stressed IT department. Avivatech's Help Desk is a perfect solution for support calls, but that might not be the other RDC obstacles your IT department has to overcome. RDC programs have software that needs periodic updates which could be a massive project for your IT department. Coordinating installations and updates are time-consuming and can leave room for error if not organized properly. Executing a big project like this puts unneeded pressure on your IT department and not the true upgrade your RDC deserves. Instead, upgrade with Benchmark Installs and Updates services - a proven system that works when it comes to undertaking huge IT projects. With transparency in mind, Avivatech will handle scheduling, the installation, and finally verify that it's working for your end-user. Avivatech has all the services you need to upgrade your RDC program for success.


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