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Is too much cash overwhelming your Cannabis business?

It's time to automate cash handling for maximum security, accountability and control.

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Make cash less of a burden, more of a profit. 

  • Eliminate miscounts due to human error

  • Reduce the labor and time it takes to verify cash totals at the start and end of shits

  • Safeguard cash with cash recyclers driven by our software that's custom designed for cannabis businesses

  • Easily pay vendors, suppliers and employees with cash on hand, without the hassle of manually tracking payments

  • Gain dashboard visibility into cash on hand with centralized reporting and analytics capabilities—a necessity for accurate cash forecasting and audits

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Cash Automation 101

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Cash automation empowers you to eliminate costly manual processes to make your store's cash intake more efficient, accurate and secure. A typical solution features cash automation software that drives a cash recycler, which is a secure vault device that accepts, counts and dispenses cash. 


Watch these videos to learn more.

Discover our XpressCash and XpressControl cash automation solutions 

Cash automation applications for retailers including cannabis stores and dispensaries.

See how cash automation helps:


  • Overcome the hassle of counting cash once and for all 

  • Eliminate security risks

  • Improve cash planning

  • Free up time to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business that spur growth and success

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These Avivatech experts are ready to give you a tour of our cash automation solutions.

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Danielle Lyles

Account Executive, Avivatech

Tom Jordan Avivatech VP of Sales

Tom Jordan

 VP of Sales, Avivatech

1665 Bluegrass Lakes Pkwy | Alpharetta, GA 30004 |

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