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Reduce the costs and risks of handling cash


Automate cash handling in your stores.

Protect Profitability With Cash Automation

The time, labor and risks involved in managing high volumes of cash can cost your money services bureau 9.1% of the value of cash transactions. That's why forward-thinking money services bureaus are investing in cash automation solutions.

Cash automation technology reduces costs by conquering these common cash-handling challenges:

Challenge 1

Too much cash to easily count

Cash automation technology counts cash 70% faster than any human can.

Challenge 2

Counting errors and theft

The solution secures cash and makes every associate accountable.

Challenge 3

Out-of-control armored & banking costs

Cash automation empowers retailes to reduce the frequency  deposits and CiT services.

Challenge 4


cash visibility 

Cash automation enables centralized monitoring of cash for better cash planning and control.

Do you want to take a deeper dive into these and other cash challenges?

Discover our XpressCash and XpressControl cash automation solutions 

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Gain Greater Control With Increased Cash Visibility


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New to cash automation?

These FAQs will help you get up to speed on the technology.

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