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Transform Your Branch For the Future With Remote Deposit Capture

Modern customers have ever evolving demands based on comfort and ease. Banks and credit unions can have a hard time competing with the convenience of online banking. However, your bank or credit union can transform your branch into a future-oriented success driven institution. Prioritizing convenience, your bank or credit union could offer services outside of the branch to help compete with modern offerings. One offering that continues to rise in popularity is remote deposit capture or RDC. RDC programs have been transformative for branches by attracting new customers, keeping current customers happy and bringing their bank or credit union into the future.

Offering Remote Deposit Capture

RDC programs in banks and credit unions were first introduced in the early 2000’s. Allied Market Research emphasizes that “remote deposit capture market size was valued at $238.15 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $378.08 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2020 to 2027.” RDC is a contemporary offering for banks that highlights convenience and ease of use. RDC programs benefit both your bank or credit union and your customers. With a booming industry in RDC your bank or credit union will be able to target and attract new customers. Your customers will feel more confident in your financial institution with contemporary offerings based on their needs. While some end-users RDC program management is where your bank or credit union might experience some frustrations.

Managing Remote Deposit Capture

Transforming your branches starts with customers. Customer experience is emerging as one of the key metrics of measuring success for any business. Your bank or credit union needs to go above and beyond to ensure that your RDC customers feel like a priority in and out of your branch. Ultimately to transform your branch for the future your customer expects interactions to be efficient and uninterrupted. RDC programs often require delivering a check scanner to your end-user, onboarding new users, periodic software updates and access to IT support. Avivatech has everything you need to manage your RDC program successfully. With Avivatech’s easy online fulfillment tool, TraxIT, your treasury department can order, ship, and track check scanners going to RDC end-users. TraxIT helps centralize your RDC program so you can focus on customer experience and bringing your branch into the future. With Installs and Upgrades, periodic mass updates have never been easier. Our dedicated on-site RDC Hub will help notify, schedule, and conduct upgrades. Now that your RDC program is organized on the bank or credit union side, Avivatech can make life easier for your end-users. Through modern offerings, a customer experience approach and Avivatech's RDC management tools your branch can step into the future.


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