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Top 5 Reasons You Need CashWare

Updated: Apr 12

Banking that focuses on the future often requires Retail operations managing a huge scope of priorities. Cash operations inside a bank or credit union can often be the pain point that continues to pull focus from these priorities. Even if cash recycling is implemented, troubleshooting systems or tricky software can cause operational delays and impede success. CashWare is a user-friendly middleware application that was made to keep cash automation simple and successful.

Cash Is King

Despite the rise in mobile and card payment methods, cash payments are still a very relevant part of contemporary banking. Diary of Consumer Payment Choice notes that cash payments accounted for 26% of total payment behavior in 2018. This type of method accounts for almost a third of total US payments. But cash operations can still be an outdated element in many branches if cash automation is not being managed efficiently. CashWare can often be the operational advantage that puts your branch above the rest. CashWare is user-friendly, easy to navigate, has in-app notifications, and anyone can be trained on it. Don’t let old school cash operations keep your bank from a successful cash automation advantage with CashWare.

Prioritize Your Time

A repeat loyal customer comes into your branch and needs to make a simple deposit and withdrawal. This should be a quick and easy transaction, but your tellers are struggling with clumsy processes and non-informative cash automation software, transactions are taking longer and frustrates your customer. CashWare allows ease of use, so your tellers can focus on the customer and not counting cash or struggling with the process It is designed specifically to make your teller’s life easier and to make their transactions efficient but engaging. With balancing controls, centralized totaling, and the power in your hands CahWare is a tool that you can use to save your teller’s time, save your customer’s time, and save you time.

Maximize Operational Organization

Strong customer-focused operations in a bank or credit union need to the support cash automation. Cash automation isn’t simply just eliminating lag time between customers and making cash operations easy. CashWare can deliver so much more than just the basics. With custom reports, centralized operations, cash recycler monitoring, and a multitude of control and operational features, CashWare is one of the only middleware applications that can truly maximize operational organization. Other features can make the end of your day less complicated with end-of-day balancing built directly in CashWare. Crafted with your needs in mind, CashWare provides sweeping assistance across your branch’s operations and sets a foundation for success.

Licensed Per Recycler

Sometimes new technology means new challenges. With CashWare there is a deliberate focus on functionality and comfortability. Licensing CashWare is not based on teller or workstation but based per cash recycler. This allows branches to work with as many or as little recyclers as they like, without limiting tellers or transactions to the assigned recycler. This is a straightforward way to centralize the needs of your cash automation. This centralized approach can apply to just one cash recycler you license or an entire fleet. From use to licensing, CashWare was engineered to eliminate obstacles from achieving success.

Reporting & Analytics

Data is universally driving how businesses understand their customers. Banks and credit unions should be adopting this new approach to understand their customers better but also to understand the operations side better as well. CashWare has a unique feature that collects data from the cash recyclers and can be exported into Excel into custom reports. These reports can show transactional history, totaling history, cash recycler use, and more, but this data can also be the key to unlocking operational success for the future. Forecasting supported by data can help establish valuable achievable goals for banks and credit unions. CashWare reporting and analytics with customizable reports can help level up the success of your cash automation.


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