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2021 and Remote Deposit Capture

​Providing efficient solutions in your bank or credit union is an impactful way to maintain positive customer experiences and growth. Offerings that keep financial institutions relevant and dynamic are programs like Remote Deposit Capture. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) was created out of a need for an easier and faster way to serve customers. RDC has been experiencing a boom in popularity and has established its true value in 2021. RDC programs encapsulate the dedicated attention that customers expect in 2021 but also demonstrates the comprehensive and well-managed offerings can enhance the customer experience and attract growth.

What is Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture originally got its start in the early 2000s. With a need for an easier way to deposit checks other than by mail, Remote Deposit Capture was conceived. To deposit a check remotely, you need a check scanner, banking software that connects your check scanner to the bank, and a check. Banking and small businesses have never been more connected with programs like RDC. Now if you are depositing a check once every six months, RDC might not be a great idea for you. However, if you are a small business and you encounter dozens to hundreds of checks, RDC would be perfect for you. With simple steps and added benefits to your customers, RDC programs continue to grow in popularity with banks and credit unions.

Why is RDC Popular

Enhancing the customer experience and delivering the best possible product are goals that both banking and retail share. Online banking and other fintech services are on the rise in 2021 for individual banking, but RDC seems to be a dominant force in the banking services world for small business banking. RDC popularity is due to a few key factors that align with 2021 customer expectations. User-friendly is a priority in 2021 customers and RDC is a simple efficient way that is easy to navigate. However, when your customers expect helpful and quick support, banks and credit unions need to be prepared with a solution that doesn't overwhelm their resources. Dedicated IT support like Help Desk, can make a huge impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Another aspect that continues to keep RDC popular in 2021 is how convenient it is. Without having to leave their home or office, customers can take more control of the check deposit process. No longer do customers have to work around the financial institution and instead can prioritize their time based on their needs. Giving customers more control of their resources is what keeps RDC relevant not only in 2021 but well into the future. Despite the rise of RDC, there are many moving parts of the RDC process. Organizing these elements of RDC programs for banks and credit unions poses a real challenge. Without reliable resources and partners, many RDC programs are not maximizing success and could be suffering.

Your RDC Program

RDC customers have the best of both worlds. With the independence that RDC grants customers, banks and credit unions have to prepare resources to execute RDC programs flawlessly. Assembling these internal resources can be in and of itself a challenge much less realizing gaps in your resources that could dampen the success of your RDC program. The best path to success when offering RDC to customers is to be strategic about resources. Avivatech has a variety of RDC management support, tools, and resources. With a dedicated RDC hub on-site, Avivatech can assist in all aspects of your RDC program. With Avivatech's TraxIT, your Treasury department has a centralized online fulfillment tool that helps manage logistics, track shipments, directory capabilities, custom reports, and you can even make repair services directly in TraxIT. TraxIT makes it easy to keep your RDC management in one place. Now to satisfy your IT department, Avivatech has user-friendly and easy Installs and Upgrade services for onboarding new clients during a merger or acquisition or for a mass update. Your bank or credit union teamed up with Avivatech is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction and a successful RDC program.


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