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Why Your Treasury and IT Department will love TraxIT

​Creating solutions that satisfy two very different departments inside your bank or credit union can seem impossible. Treasury departments and IT departments in financial institutions have important priorities but finding a solution that helps both departments simultaneously can be a challenge. However, Avivatech has created a custom solution, TraxIT, that delivers more control to your bank or credit union’s treasury department while relieving overwhelmed IT departments. TraxIT was first developed by Avivatech because there were huge gaps in Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) program management support. Through the creation of TraxIT, Avivatech has been able to support the success of both Treasury and IT departments with RDC program management.

More Control

While RDC programs are increasing in popularity and success, these programs have a lot of moving parts, in some cases literally. When banks and credit unions manage RDC programs some issues that are encountered are tracking, fulfillment, analytics, and support. These issues can overwhelm both the Treasury and IT departments in different ways. RDC programs can have tens to hundreds of end-users, so that makes logistics management complicated for Treasury Departments. Banks and credit unions shouldn’t have to overwhelm Treasury departments with issues that TraxIT can fix easily. TraxIT is a centralized program that you can access on your own time with a login and even admin roles and access. TraxIT allows you to place orders, access order history, make service requests, and even export historical data. Your bank’s Treasury or IT department doesn’t have to build a solution or perform updates in real-time, because TraxIT does it for you. TraxIT gives your Treasury department unlimited control over your RDC management while IT departments are provided more control over their resources.

More Time

While TraxIT manages the complicated details of RDC management, your Treasury and IT departments gain more time. Without having to dedicate every minute to managing the complicated minute details of managing RDC programs, both your Treasury and IT department can prioritize their time according to their needs. IT Departments conserve time by foregoing service request calls and check scanner troubleshooting. With service requests built into TraxIT, it frees your IT department of endless service requests from your end-users. Your Treasury department saves time by making these service requests directly in TraxIT. Treasury departments now have time to strategize and expand RDC programs or other offerings. There are already built-in benefits of TraxIT that save both departments time.

More Analytics

IT Departments are there to support the technology in your bank or credit union. However, when it comes to analytics tracking your IT department shouldn’t have to waste precious resources on mining data. With TraxIT, custom analytics is simply a perk. While your treasury can export data like order history to help with forecasting, your IT department could export data on service request history and be able to harness that data for troubleshooting in the future. TraxIT is a well-designed program that keeps your RDC program running swiftly while still supporting future endeavors like growth & maintenance forecasting. Providing solutions for both your Treasury and IT departments with TraxIT allows Avivatech not only to give banks and credit unions the tools they need to succeed but also helps improve overall customer experience.

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