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Top 5 Ways CashWare Saves Money for Your Bank or Credit Union

Updated: May 7, 2021

Understanding your bank or credit union’s cash handling environment and assorted devices is a crucial part of success. Cash handling environments involve more than just tellers handling cash transactions. Cash recycler device health, analytics and cash flow are aspects of a cash handling environment that need close monitoring. Monitoring each cash recycler device in your branches can be an expensive challenge. These top five reasons show that CashWare offers an easy and affordable solution to managing your cash handling network while providing you with extra cost-saving benefits.

More Control

Optimizing your bank or credit union’s cash management operations can lead to saving time and money. CashWare provides your bank or credit union with an opportunity to optimize operations simply by giving you more control. Having cash recyclers or dispensers without a tool to monitor usage and cash flow doesn’t allow you to optimize your devices. CashWare provides this and more. It also allows your tellers quicker transactions and more customer interaction.


Data can help navigate the future for your bank or credit union. Collecting data, organizing the data, and then reporting on the data can be the main challenges in data collection. Cash recyclers can provide data that is relevant when monitoring cash flow and bill usage. CashWare can make data collection and organizing easier with a variety of reports that can be viewed and exported from the application. These reports are customizable based on your specifications utilizing a variety of filters. CashWare’s reports can help you make cost-saving discoveries based on the data. Reports are an essential feature in CashWare that can contribute to saving you time and can even help navigate the future.


With the assistance of reports generated by CashWare, banks and credit unions can easily identify operational gaps and can forecast cash flow and pivot accordingly. CashWare provides you the ability to monitor bill inventory flow in your cash recyclers and dispensers, as well as transaction projections. Utilizing the data can help you make informed decisions, such as how much money should you be maintaining in your recyclers on a Monday versus a Thursday, how many tellers should you have in the branch on certain days based on average transactions per day and more. The reports in CashWare crunch the cash flow data in a way for you to be able to evaluate your current operations and make cost-savings changes.

Supported Devices

With several cash recycler manufacturers on the market, such as ARCA, Diebold Nixdorf, Glory, Hyosung and more, purchasing cash recyclers can be overwhelming. Sometimes after a merger or acquisition, you suddenly face an assortment of devices across your new footprint. Purchasing new devices to make everything work with your current software environment is an expensive transition. CashWare is supported by all the top-tier recycler manufacturers, so having an assortment of devices is not an issue. You can continue to use your existing fleet of recyclers and CashWare due to the expansive list of compatibility our software offers. CashWare is designed to anticipate and support any needs your bank or credit union has with cash automation.

User Friendly

CashWare was not only designed with your needs in mind but also with a focus on usability. CashWare is a simple, but powerful, middleware application app that works alongside your teller application and cash handling devices. Minimal training is required for your staff, and the design of CashWare makes transaction processing simple. This can save your team time on requiring downtime for training purposes. CashWare can be easily implemented with features that assist in building a foundation of success in your cash handling network.


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