How CashWare Helps Your Tellers with Productivity

Updated: May 25, 2021

There is a direct relationship between customer service and productivity in a financial institution. To understand this correlation, you need to identify the key components of high-quality customer services. Customer satisfaction and customer experience are key components of customer service. Banks and credit unions have to craft not only a welcoming atmosphere and ambiance but also provide efficient support for customers. Kronos produced a White Paper: 2019 Kronos Teller Line Study which cataloged attributes that impact customer bank preference:

"Five of the top seven attributes consumers consider when selecting a primary bank relate to bank branch personnel…”

The more helpful or productive a teller is the more likely the branch will maintain or increase customer satisfaction. Teller productivity can make or break customer experiences which could result in impacts on customer satisfaction. To improve teller productivity, you can provide tools that enhance teller responsibilities. CashWare is the perfect solution to boosting teller productivity with capabilities that allow your teller more time and detailed attention to your customer’s experience.

Decrease Transaction Time

Increasing customer satisfaction starts with transactions. Customers are either visiting banks or credit unions to accomplish a task and move to the next one, or they are repeat customers who like engaging with tellers. Both kinds of customers are integral, and customizing teller response through productivity will result in all customers experiencing higher satisfaction. For the customer who wants in and out of the bank or credit union quickly, tellers must put productivity and speed first. Balancing speed, productivity and customer experience can be difficult without support. CashWare makes it easy for tellers to conduct speedy and productive transactions. Balancing capabilities, customizable note denomination options and a simple design helps tellers execute high-quality service requests at a fast pace without sacrificing service. CashWare was designed with tellers in mind, and because of that, the transaction time is minimal allowing your tellers to move on to the next transaction and boost their overall productivity.

Improves Teller Engagement

Teller engagement draws in the second type of customer. This type of customer believes that the branch experience is about community rather than task-completion. This customer will be familiar with tellers and even branch managers. Engagement might be the primary reason for their visit instead of only transactional purposes. CashWare helps increase teller productivity by streamlining complicated teller interactions. Harnessing this productivity will decrease the time needed for the technical part of the transaction and increases the opportunity for engagement with the customer. CashWare frees tellers to really focus on attentive listening, which can make customers feel increased satisfaction. CashWare aids teller productivity allowing tellers to not only engage with customers but also discover hidden needs of customers. With improved teller engagement, customers may feel more comfortable with tellers and reveal a need where your bank or credit union can help. CashWare can improve teller productivity by simplifying the more challenging parts of transactions, so your teller can be more engaging with your customers.

Helps Eliminate Human Error

With pressure to conduct a speedy transaction while attentively engaging with customers, tellers can get overwhelmed trying to do it all. Human error could be the result and could have the biggest impact on teller productivity. CashWare ensures that your bank or credit union keeps tellers productive while eliminating opportunities for human error. CashWare offers capabilities like pay-out calculators and denomination adjustments customized to the customer. Because CashWare works between the cash recycler and the teller application, the human error of manually counting money is also eliminated. The technology does this for the teller. If other human error occurs outside of CashWare, the software can help pinpoint these errors with features like individual teller logins and balancing reports. CashWare keeps tellers productive, so they have time to focus on providing the best services your bank or credit union has to offer.

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