The Ultimate Guide to CashWare

Updated: May 25, 2021

​Modernizing the cash handling environment in banking through cash automation is a necessary step in providing high-quality options for your customers. Cash automation is helping bring banks and credit unions into the future. Cash automation helps financial institutions keep up with technological demands from their customers. However, some barriers may inhibit the success of your cash automation efforts like complicated technology and inadequate data to drive growth. CashWare is a perfect solution for banks and credit unions on a journey to successful cash automation. This guide will take you through the purpose of CashWare and how exactly it benefits the cash handling environment in your financial institution.

What is CashWare?

CashWare is a middleware application for your cash recyclers. It helps teller applications and cash recyclers communicate and streamline common teller commands during a transaction. CashWare was specifically designed with tellers in mind. There are no “left” or “right” restrictions, so any teller regardless of desk location can use CashWare. Easy navigation and minimal training make it a perfect solution for cash automation. Balancing, bill denomination assistance and multiple tellers per cash recycler are aspects of CashWare that promote teller productivity and can boost customer satisfaction. With friendly and knowledgeable product specialists available for support, CashWare continues to be an easy solution to fit your cash automation needs.

Unique Features of CashWare

Beyond just providing the link of teller applications and cash recyclers, CashWare has additional features that continually increase your cash recycler ROI. Diving further into these features will demonstrate that CashWare has functions that not only help the daily operations of a cash handling environment but can assist in overall branch operations.


Cash automation brings technology and cash handling together. Cash recyclers are devices that encompass cash automation. Depending on the size of your branch or financial institution, you may have a singular cash recycler or multiple cash recyclers. There are many benefits to having one or multiple cash recyclers in your bank or credit union. Instead of licensing by user like other middleware options, CashWare licenses by cash recycler. This demonstrates an understanding that multiple tellers could be operating one or more cash recyclers during the day. CashWare with its licensing model also extends the understanding of cash flow and balances into the back office by providing access and data to those who need the information. Transforming your cash handling network into a cash automation success has never been more affordable with CashWare.


Understanding customer behavior is the key to driving customer satisfaction. Discovering customer habits involves gathering data. Cultivating this data can be a long and expensive process. CashWare collects data in real-time from your cash transactions. With the custom reporting feature in CashWare, your bank or credit union can extract this data based on needs. Forecasting based on these reports will help identify opportunities to grow and obstacles to avoid.


With CashWare your teller will always have access to a knowledgeable Support team member. CashWare support team is very familiar with teller responsibilities, banking technology and prioritizes your time. With a majority of the CashWare team having previous in-branch teller experience, they understand potential frustrations and hiccups that can be encountered and always provide calm help to any issues you may face. Regardless of the support needed, our team members are focused on providing the best solution and service to your bank or credit union.

Benefits of CashWare

Harnessing the power of CashWare can make a positive impact on your financial institution. CashWare improves your entire cash handling network. By bringing cash automation to life in your branch, CashWare will provide continual ROI. CashWare keeps tellers efficient but still allows time to engage customers and build deeper relationships. Your customers will enjoy quicker and more personable transactions while your bank or credit union utilizes the data from CashWare. CashWare is the perfect cash automation solution that keeps your financial institution and customers happy.

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