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The Ultimate Guide to CashWare Advisor

Updated: May 7, 2021

Cash automation technology is bringing banks and credit unions into the future of teller operations. There is more time to focus on building relationships with customers when there is a successful cash automation strategy implemented. Managing devices, analytics and software requires unique and individual attention that can be hard to supervise if not in a centralized system like CashWare Advisor. Paired with our popular middleware solution, CashWare, CashWare Advisor provides a dedicated solution to cash automation operations and can give your bank or credit union more control of your cash flow.

What is CashWare Advisor?

CashWare Advisor is an essential tool for managing a cash recyler network. CashWare Advisor is a browser-based application hosted on your server with authorized user access to the enterprise dashboard to monitor your cash handling devices. Analytical features that show data help enhance your ability to asses operational strengths and weaknesses with reports on cash positions and utilization by denomination, device, time of day and other pertinent information used in branch cash management. Overall cash handling device analytics are also being monitored and can offer information on device cash position, transaction activity and device health.

What is the Difference Between CashWare and CashWare Advisor?

CashWare and CashWare Advisor are two different cash automation offerings that Avivatech has developed in-house for banks, credit unions, retail companies and more. CashWare is the middleware application that links a cash handling device to the teller application and helps perform and track cash transactions. CashWare Advisor provides institutional monitoring and management of an cash handling network. CashWare offers information on that specific device’s health and reports on data from that specific device. This limits the scope of data to one device while CashWare Advisor shows data overall for your cash handling network. These key differences demonstrate that CashWare Advisor is the perfect add-on software when looking to implement CashWare across multiple locations.

Implementing CashWare and CashWare Advisor

The CashWare’s family of products is designed to grow as you grow. You can start with CashWare in a few locations, and as the need to monitor your cash usage across all locations arises, you can implement CashWare Advisor when you are ready. CashWare products are specifically designed with features that are solutions driven but also designed in a user-friendly way to make it easy for anyone to use these products. CashWare Advisor gives in-house web portal control of your entire cash handling network while monitoring your current operations and using analytical features that help with future operations.


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