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The Benefits of Cash Automation

Updated: Apr 12

Cash automation is a key component of the future of banking. The cash handling process is becoming automated with the use of cash recyclers and middleware solutions, such as Avivatech’s Cashware. Simplifying and managing this process is a step into the future where cash recyclers work together with teller applications to create a more beneficial process for end-users and customers. Transforming your bank or credit union into a cash automated environment can create a quicker and more accurate teller balance, increase transaction speed and provide flexibility to your branch design. Cash automation allows your teller the best possible customer service while advancing your bank into the future.

Taking steps into the future can sometimes be a tough journey. Effectively linking teller applications to cash recyclers can cost financial institutions valuable time and money. This connection can be an obstacle to optimizing cash automation. So how can you optimize cash automation without having to take complicated and expensive steps toward a reliable connection between software and hardware? That’s where CashWare comes in!

What is CashWare and how does it work?

CashWare is an advanced middleware solution that connects your teller application to your cash recycler(s). CashWare is a quick and efficient application built to provide transactional and business logic for ease of transaction processing. CashWare has a team of experts to design, install and maintain the software and environment to provide the uptime and functionality the branch of the future requires. CashWare’s easy flow design provides enhanced recycler functionality with simple step through processes. CashWare can also operate in a multitude of environments, which allows CashWare to adapt to your environment and not the other way around.

Why is CashWare more than just middleware software?

Cashware not only performs cash transactions while making the process easier for your bank or credit union but provides detailed reports on your recycler usage and cash flow. This reporting continuously provides information to better manage cash utilization within all cash recyclers throughout your install base. Transforming your bank or credit union into the future with cash automation doesn’t require any more obstacles; CashWare provides a user-friendly program that consistently saves you time, money, and resources.


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