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Cash Automation  


The solution counties need to reduce the cost of handling cash.

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Danielle Lyles
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Avivatech LLC

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Gain Better Control of County Cash
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Automate cash handling to dramatically boost accuracy and security

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Use your transaction data for better cash planning to reduce banking fees and armored expenses

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Keep an eye on your money with a dashboard view of all the cash in one or many county offices

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Improve recordkeeping with audit-ready log of transactions

Leverage the power of Avivatech's cash automation platform

Efficient, accurate and secure cash management starts with the XpressCash or CashWare cash automation software and the right cash recycler. 

For a complete solution...

Deploy the XpressControl analytics dashboard for robust reporting and even deeper visibility into your total cash position.

Our experts will help you choose the right recycler for your county offices.

Get more details:

Why is cash still a major challenge for county tax offices?

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Large volumes of cash payments and the time and labor it takes to count and track it.

Download this case study to understand how the Wayne County Treasurer's Office got a handle on its large volumes of tax cash transactions.

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