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Reduce the Cost of Cannabis Cash Management 

Limited banking relationships and the sheer volume of cash has made cannabis cash management challenging for the typical dispensary or distributor -- until now.


With Avivatech's cash automation solutions, you can say good-bye to inaccurate manual cash management processes that increase the likelihood of shrinkage, theft and accounting and regulatory headaches.

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Automate cash handling to dramatically boost accuracy and security

Reducing CIT expenses in cannabis.png

Use your transaction data for better cash planning to reduce banking fees and armored expenses

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Keep an eye on your money with a dashboard view of all the cash in your store

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Improve recordkeeping with audit-ready logs of payments made with cash on hand 

What's the business case for automating cash in your cannabis business? Explore the numbers today!

Leverage the power of Avivatech's cash automation platform

Efficient, accurate and secure cash management starts with the XpressCash cash automation software and the right cash recycler. 

For a complete solution...

Deploy the XpressControl analytics dashboard for robust reporting and even deeper visibility into your total cash position.

Avivatech cash automation solutions reduce theft and give cannabis dispensaries better control of cash.

Our experts will help you choose the right cash recycler for your dispensary. Read the FAQs to find out how the XpressCash solution works in cannabis dispensaries.

Get more details:


Takoma Wellness Center

Find out how Takoma Wellness Center, a large dispensary in Washington, DC, uses the XpressCash and XpressControl solutions to create an audit trail of cash on hand that enables accurate reporting and forecasting.

The owners of the Takoma Wellness Center dispensary use cash automation technology to control cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the XpressCash solution makes budtenders more efficient.


Why is cash still a major challenge for the cannabis industry?

Download our ebook to understand the cannabis cash ecosystem and the technology that conquers the cash challenge.

A cash recycler and cash automation software in use at a cannabis store.

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