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Cannabis Industry Conference

Boston | August 14-16

Let's Connect!

We can't wait to see you in Boston! We'll be sharing the essential knowledge you need to guide your clients to better cash management practices. 

Discover how dispensariers are leveraging our cash automation solutions to streamline reconciliation, maintain compliance and reduce the costs of managing cash.

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Guide clients to optimal cash control 

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Automated cash handling that dramatically boosts accuracy and security

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Transaction data for better cash planning, reducing banking fees and CIT expenses

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Real time visibility into cash on location with dashboard views of cash on location

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Improved reconciliation and recordkeeping with audit-ready logs of payments made with cash on hand 

Our Solutions

Event Highlight 

Session CAN23SS01

The Cannabis Cash Conundrum: Best Practices for Success in Automating & Managing Your Cash

Aug 15, 2023 | 8:00 –8:50 AM EDT

Using their partnership with Takoma Wellness, Washington D.C.'s family-owned and operated medical marijuana dispensary, as a case study, the panel will explain how “cash automation,” or leveraging technology to better count, secure and manage cash, has minimized risk, reduced costs and eased cash handling for both associates and managers. Additionally, they can share how to develop your cash automation strategy to save time and costs, ensuring the security and visibility of cash volumes in and across dispensaries and maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.


Tammy Little_FTC Group.png
Shawn Kruger_AICPA.png

Tammy Little

CFO, Takoma Wellness

CEO & Founder, FTC Group

Shawn Kruger

SVP of Product & Strategy, Avivatech

Meet Our Team

Feel free to contact Danielle or Alize before the show to schedule a meeting, or simply connect with them at our booth to see cash automation in action.

Danielle Lyles Cannabis Road Show.png

Danielle Lyles
Account Executive

P: 513-304-4550


Alize Harding 
Product Specialist

P: 470-718-3600

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